Podium Assembly Guide

Pre-Assembly Notes

a.  WARNING: whenever loosening the upper bolt on the silver collar, the platform and upper shaft MUST be supported to prevent the shaft from slipping to the bottom and potentially damaging - even severing - the power cord.

b.  Tools required:  4mm allen key (included).

c.  People required:  ideally, two, but still works if assembled solo.

d.  HIGHLY RECOMMENDED:  Apply a thin layer of bike grease to the threads of the long and short shafts.


1.  Open the box with the logos facing up.

2.  Remove the contents of the box:

i.  the short aluminum shaft, with a knurled ring threaded on;

ii. the long aluminum shaft, with a round, silver collar slid on;

iii.  the platform and supporting rectangular tube;

iv.  the aluminum base;

v.  the plastic bag containing a 4mm allen key, and two 4mm hex screws

vi. if ordered, the plastic bag containing the Towel Pegs.

vii.  four round, aluminum leveling feet

If desired, thread the levelling feet into the four holes on the underside of the base. We also find using furniture pads in place of the levelling feet works well if using on hardwood or tiled surfaces.

3.  Apply grease to threads as indicated above.

4.  Slide the silver collar up the shaft at least 4" (10 cm). Tighten the upper hex screw ONLY, so that the collar can no longer move along the shaft.  Screw in the lower screw by hand - should not be tight.

5.  Leaving the platform on the floor with the rectangular tube facing up, unbundle the power cord and work out the kinks above the plug head to straighten the cord.   

6.  Drop the straightened cord into the long shaft through the threaded side.  Pull the plug head through.

7.  With the platform still on the floor and once most of the cord has been pulled through, thread the long shaft into the rectangular tube.

8.   With the base on the floor, thread the short shaft into it at least two full turns, stopping when the power cord hole is where you want it (eg. away from the rider, facing the rider) Tighten the knurled ring to secure the shaft to the base.

9.  Place the base and platform side-by-side as shown below, and drop the plug head through the shorter shaft and pull the cord through (your collar should be further down the shaft than pictured).

10.  The two person part:  

Person 1:  lifts and lowers long shaft (with collar fixed, and platform now attached) into the short shaft, 

Person 2:  pulls the power cord through as the long shaft is lowered into the short shaft, until the previously tightened collar sits on top of the short shaft.

If done with just one person, pull the cord through the short shaft with your foot while lowering the long shaft.

IMPORTANT:  at this point the long shaft should continue to be supported, to avoid slipping to the bottom and pinching or nicking the power cord.

11.  Ensure the collar sits tightly to the lower shaft by pressing down on it.

12.   Firmly tighten the lower hex screw with the supplied 4mm allen key.

13.  Loosen the previously tightened upper hex screw, rotate the platform so it is parallel to the base, and raise it to the desired height.  Firmly re-tighten the upper hex screw on the collar.


14.  Place your devices, bottles etc. as you desire, using the space inside the rectangular tube to tuck away excess charging and/or power cable length.

15.  If your Podium came with the Towel Pegs, simply thread them into the two holes found on the left side of the Podium when facing it, under the platform.

15.  Get riding, and enjoy your clean, complete, and compact setup!