Show Me Your Setup

Next to questions about The Podium itself, I get asked most often about what devices, peripherals, and apps are in my setup.  
After a number of trials and iterations, I've landed on this:
  • Viewscreen:  an older 26" Samsung TV I had lying around after a kitchen renovation
  • Training App:  Cycleops Virtualtraining 
  • Training App Hardware:  Samsung S5
  • Additional Hardware:  2013-ish 10" ACER Iconia, Google Chromecast

I landed on this setup for one reason:  it gets me down to work faster.

I originally used a laptop as my main hardware, which meant every ride I had to

a) find my laptop and/or pull it out of my briefcase, along with the power adapter.

b) bring both down to my training space in the basement in addition to bottles and fuel, usually requiring two trips, and

c) get it all positioned and plugged in.  Pre-Podium, my setup centered around a tall table kinda like this.

Today, my training app is driven by my Samsung S5 smartphone, whose location I always know.  Now, pre-ride prep takes just one trip downstairs, with low risk of dropped computing hardware or sports drink, and less "overhead" time.

Also turns out that from my main floor, my smartphone picks up Bluetooth devices from the downstairs training space.  So today, from my kitchen while I fill bottles, I  

i. connect to my Wahoo Kickr,

ii.  select my workout or course (on days where I'm not going to calibrate my trainer)

iii.  have the ride cued and waiting


So not only less time to get to the bike, but less time to actually get pedaling.

Ultimately means meaning my planned 60 minute workouts are very close to 60 minutes in actual completion time.

I leave the 10" tablet you see plugged into the Podium and it's rarely removed.  During sessions where less focus is required (eg. endurance rides), it's running Netflix.  During interval sessions, I use it for music (usually Spotify) or cycling clips on YouTube - whatever I think will help me get through the work.

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