Is a 15 square foot PainCave Still a Cave?


Way back in 2011, before bluetooth-enabled smart trainers were a thing, this was my PainCave.  And it was completely "my" cave - every trainer session meant nobody else could use the TV or the space between me and the TV.  Monopolizing that 120+ sqft was ok when we had just one kid under two, but as she got older and we had more...

In late 2012 I got a Wahoo Kickr and it changed everything:  how I incorporated inside rides into my training, how often I trained indoors (more on both of those in a future post), and consequently, a real desire to optimize my training space.  

With Cycleops' VirtualTraining app as my go-to, I only needed a tablet, so my setup shrunk to just a music stand and an Ikea rolling side table.

This worked, but with VirtualTraining's video-synced routes, a bigger screen was better.  I tried a couple more Ikea items to support a monitor, and eventually landed on this:

With a dedicated TV in a 4' x 8' space, I no longer took over the room, had my larger screen, and had everything I needed within reach. 

Except, when you want to simultaneously power a fan, two charging cables (one for the tablet, one for a smartphone), a Chromecast, a TV, and a Kickr, it makes for a mess of cables.

And if it was going to be a permanent, dedicated space - as I think every good indoor setup should be - it was ugly, with the aforementioned cable mess and a haphazard assembly of stuff not designed for this task.

That was what prompted me to draw in early 2016 what would become after many, many prototypes, The Podium.


Today my aim is to make your training space - mine in the photo above is 15 sqft (3' x 5') with all the requisite stuff plugged in - visually pleasing and space efficient enough to be worthy of a place in your home, yet complete enough that it reduces time fussing with furniture or devices before rides. 

If The Podium can do that simple thing for people, and as a result their inside ride experience is improved, mission accomplished.